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My Last Post May 7, 2010

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For my last post, I wanted to ask everyone a question I have been thinking about for some time. We’ve learned about liberating people from oppression, the marginalized voices we tend not to hear, and we’ve seen first-hand the problems that are faced by the people around us. So, how do we fix it. Is there a way to help the people? Is there a way to use what we’ve learned to make a difference?


How Can We Be So Sure…

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While I was packing up the other day, my friend came into my room and started chatting with me. She knew i was taking a religion class, so she asked me a question that she had about religion. She said, “There are so many religions in this world, monotheistic and polytheistic, and each religion has its own divine power and its own created version of heaven and hell and its own religious text supposedly given to them by their own god. Each religion claims that if a person does not follow it, then that person will go to hell. Thus, if Hindus and Muslims do not follow Christianity, they will go to hell. But with the same token, if I do not follow Hinduism or Islam, then I will go to their version of hell. Who are we to say that Christianity is the only true religion or that Buddhism is the only true religion when we ourselves really have no clue?” And I didn’t know what to say to her.

But I thought it would make a good blog post, so I shared her question with you all.


Questions from Class

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In one of our last classes, Tina had us ask questions pertaining to what we had learned so far. So, my group asked, “If God calls us to suffer in order to understand the bible more clearly, why are some people blessed with so much and asked to give it up, while others are born into suffering to begin with.”


Reading the Bible May 5, 2010

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I have always had trouble with reading the Bible. I attend church, and my pastor has verses that he preaches from, but how can I read the bible on my own? My mother always suggests that I turn to the bible. She tells me that the bible will speak to me and I will know exactly what to read. But, nothing ever just sticks out to me. I have known people that read the bible like a book, from cover to cover. But is that the proper way? Is there a proper way to read the bible? Should I just randomnly pick a passage and go from there??


How can I help?

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Recently, I have come into contact with a lot of people who are religious, but are very troubled. It is a known fact that college aged individuals struggle the most with life’s struggles because we are no longer children, but we are not quite adults either. I have been approached by some friends who have faith and are religious, but are questioning their faith because of the constant struggles that they are going through.  Some of these friends disassociate themselves from their faith and turn to other outlets such as drugs and alcohol. How can I help? Where do I guide these people? Do I guide these people? I am not sure if I should let them go through the test of faith alone, or should I give them advice and point them to prayer and the bible. Will God take care of it completely, or should I help too?


Where do I begin?

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The other day, I was watching Bruce Almighty and I came across a question that I have had for quite some time.  Here is the clip that made me think of my question:

After watching this I thought, “what is the proper protocol for praying?” Are there any rules or standards to praying? Many people in my life always encourage myself and others to pray but no one ever taught me the proper way to pray. I have heard people pray in a very formal and totally submissive and respectful manner. However, I have witnessed people pray in a more informal manner, almost as if God is a close friend. Is there a right or wrong way to pray? Does God only hear/listen to a certain kind of prayer? Does God hear all prayers at once?


Video about God and evil May 3, 2010

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Check out Mr. Deity! Very funny take on our class topic of God’s omniscience, omnipotence, omnipresence, omnibenevolence.